The Verboten sign (German: Forbidden) is located just to the left of the entrance door to Barracks 2. It can be clearly seen in many episodes. In the episode Monkey Business it was especially ledgable and showed the following:

  • 1. Strict orders have been given to German troops around Brussels to shoot any civilian cyclist.
  • 2. People who, after the fifteenth of December, are still in possession of carrier pigeons, as well as all other persons, who by signals or any other means, cause annoyance to the German military interests will be judged by courtmartial.

Brussels, December 13, 1944

The Chief of Military Police

H. Heinrichs, Captain

Note Edit

In actual World War II history, the Western Allies were in control of Brussels, Belgium by December of 1944, well within the boundary of General Montgomery's British 21st Army Group, which had liberated the city on September 3.

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