Tom Adair (June 15, 1913 (Newton, Kansas) – May 24, 1988 (Honolulu, Hawaii)) was an American writer and composer. He would usually team up with James Allardice, whom he first met while working for the The Ann Sothern Show for which he wrote the music while Allardice wrote for the show. They later collaborated on such television sitcoms as Hazel, My Three Sons, F Troop, Hogan's Heroes, and Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. until Allardice's death.

Adair was educated at Los Angeles Junior College in Los Angeles. He then began writing for such radio programs as Duffy's Tavern as well as music for such performers as Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore and Tommy Dorsey. He also wrote special music for nightclubs and revues. Adair wrote the stage score for the Broadway play, Along Fifth Avenue.

He wrote several hit songs with Matt Dennis, including "Let's Get Away From It All", "Everything Happens to Me", "Will You Still Be Mine?", "How Will I Love My Love?" and "Weep No More".

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