Series: Hogan's Heroes
Episode: The Big Picture
Original Airdate: November 14, 1969
Production Number: 5784-120
Written by: Laurence Marks
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Produced by: Edward H. Feldman, William A. Calihan & Jerry London

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Synopsis Edit

Hogan plans to steal the picture that a Gestapo officer is blackmailing Klink with.

Story Notes Edit

  • This is the one hundred and twentieth episode of the series, but is the one hundred and twenty-sixth episode shown on television and the eighth episode shown for the Fifth Season.
  • SS Major Borman works out of the Dusseldorf office.
  • "Oberfuhrer Hoganmann" = Brigadier General Hogan.
  • Schultz has a leave coming up. He mentions it to Hogan when discussing the fact that Klink only gave him half his pay. He also mentions that Frau Schultz was going to be very mad about the pay situation.
  • "RFD Germany" is a sidewise reference to RFD Mayberry, filmed on the flip side of the lot where the Hogan's Heroes exterior sets were located. RFD is an American postal term that stands for "rural free delivery."

Timeline Notes and Speculations Edit

  • This takes place shortly after the failed assassination attempt on Hitler ("Operation Briefcase"), perhaps at the end of August 1944 or as late as September. The attempt is directly referenced, and the roundup of the conspirators by the SS is still underway.
  • One of those arrested in the anti-Hitler plot is General Mullendorf, an old friend of Klink's. They had gone to the same schools together for ten years, and Klink was the best man at Mullendorf's wedding.

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Bloopers Edit

  • The Hauserhof Hotel is represented by stock footage of the Grindelwald Palace. It has what appears to be a Swiss flag above the entrance. A postwar car is visible to the right.

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