Series: Hogan's Heroes
Episode: Hogan, Go Home
Original Airdate: January 21, 1968
Production Number: 5784-86
Written by: Richard M. Powell
Directed by: John Rich
Produced by: Edward H. Feldman & William A. Calihan

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Synopsis Edit

Newkirk unknowingly sneaks a beautiful Gestapo agent he has fallen for into camp.

Story Notes Edit

  • This is the eighty-sixth episode produced in the series, but is the eighty-second episode to be shown on television and is the twentieth episode for the Third Season.
  • The title is derived from the British slang phrase "sticky wicket," i.e. troublesome situation.
  • Colonel Mullenberg is the camp commander of Stalag 6.

Timeline Notes and Speculations Edit

  • This episode appears to take place in early 1944, keying off of Hochstetter's presence and Schultz's comments about the weather ("It's freezing outside!"). As such, it probably takes place not long after Everybody Loves a Snowman.
  • Hogan will make a complete fool out of Hochstetter in this episode. It is something that the fanatical SS major will not forget.
  • At the end of this episode, Hogan will set up a series of rotating weekend passes in Hammelburg for the heroes. This is for "girl training," so the heroes will not be as easily deceived by undercover SS agents as was Newkirk. We will see this system in action, although it is never mentioned again, in subsequent episodes.

Quotes Edit

  • Major Wolfgang Hochstetter: Colonel Hogan, that you were able to operate for so long is a tribute to the stupidity of your beloved Kommandant.

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