Rank Private
Enlisted In German Wehrmacht, Panzer
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Roger Helfond

Soldier is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Hogan's Hofbrau. He was played by Roger Helfond.

The Soldier is one of the members of the Adolf Hitler Division who is eating at Hilda's Holfbrau, as Hogan (disguised as Major Hopple from Stalag 13) and his men (LeBeau, Newkirk and Carter) are at the Hofbrau trying to get information on what the division plans to do in the near future which they can then pass along to London. He appears seated at a table with his girlfriend as Newkirk, who is acting as a waiter, sees Schultz seated at another table, after asking the two, sits down next to them so that he wouldn't be seen by Schultz. As this causes his girlfriend to press up against him, he starts to complain to Newkirk, reminding him that he is suppose to be their waiter. Newkirk then talks back to the soldier. He is next seen still seated at the table, as Newkirk is discovered by Schultz, after he has just discovered that Carter is his waiter, quickly followed by him seeing LeBeau, then Hogan, who is soon trying to convince him to not turn them in.

This would be the only time that the soldier would be officially noticed in the episode, although he is probably inside the Hofbrau during the earlier scene when a disguised Hogan has first arrived at the Hofbrau and then the later scene when Hogan arrives to try to retrieve Lebeau, Newkirk and Carter before they are seen by Klink, who has come to the Hofbrau to inform Captain Milheiser and Lieutenant Schmidt that he would be unable to give them the 5000 marks that he has accidently promised to give them for the Berchtesgaden beautification project.

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