Sergeant Walters
Hogan and Sergeant Walters
Rank Sergeant
Enlisted In Allied Forces, British Army
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor John Orchard

Sergeant Walkters is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, The Prisoner's Prisoner. He was played by John Orchard.

Sergeant Walters first appears at the beginning of the episode, after Colonel Hogan has incorrectly answers Colonel Klink's question about how many men there are in Barracks 2. He then appears, his right arm placed in a sling, before he is placed into formation with the men of Hogan's barracks. Klink then informs Hogan that Walters has been part of a recently failed mission by a group of British Commandos. He is next shown walking around the compound with Colonel Hogan, telling him that his unit's mission had been to destroy a particular ammo dump which is also the headquarters of General Schmidt, who's unit is suppose to be preparing a surprise attack which London wants stopped. Unfortunatly, he and his men are captured before they could finish their job, although they are able to make sure that the bomb they had planned to use to destroy the base is not found. Walters also tells him that his comrades are being sent to another camp while he got sent to Stalag 13. He is taken aback by Hogan's statement that he and Carter, who had just joined them, would finish the aborted mission, soon asking Hogan how he is going to do it, since the camp is about fifty miles from the ammo dump/headquarters. He is told by Hogan that the transportation to the ammo dump would be provided by Klink before he sees Hogan head for Klink's office.

Sergeant Walters would then be seen, walking with Hogan and a dejected General Schmidt, to the presently opened rising bed entrance. While wearing civilian clothing, he is told by Hogan to keep an eye on Schmidt, to make sure that he doesn't speak English before they reach England, before he starts to go down the ladder, soon to be followed by Schmidt.

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