Master Sergeant Reinhold Franks
Rank Oberfeldwebel
Enlisted In Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Milton Seltzer

Oberfeldwebel Reinhold Franks is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon. He was played by Milton Selzer.

Oberfeldwebel (or Master Sargeant) Reinhold Franks was a tough, ambitious non-commissioned officer who rose through the ranks to master sergeant because of his rigid sense of discipline, knowledge of regulations, by the book attitude (even down to how Hitler's portrait should be positioned on the wall in his superior's office!), and from the fact he had a cousin who held a high position in Field Marshall Hermann Georing's staff, though the latter he used to his advantage only when threatened by a superior officer. While serving as Master Sargeant at Stalag 5, he managed to raise their competence rating from low to high within a short period of time. However, his attitude so intimidated the Kommandant that he gave him as a "gift" to Kommandant Wilhelm Klink of Stalag 13, which also was suffering from a low efficiency rating. In no time at all, Franks improved the camp by whipping the guards and prisoners into shape, and threatening Hogan's secret operation by driving his men to the point of exhaustion, as well as his surprise roll calls. His spit and polish discipline also threatened to have Schultz sent off to the Russian Front. He proved himself a threat even to Klink, who was unable to do anything about him because of his cousin in Goering's office. Klink was also unable to persuade the Kommandant of Stalag 5 to take Franks back, or find any other camp Kommandant willing to take him either, as his reputation had spread. Franks eventually arranged to have the Inspector General visit the camp, scheming to make himself look so good he would be promoted and given Klink's command. Hogan took advantage of the situation however, by framing Franks of criminal incompetence and treason, and he was whisked away in custody by a "Gestapo" agent who was actually an Allied officer (Lt. Bigelow) in disguise, presumably to be taken back with him to England as his prisoner to sit out the rest of the war in a POW camp!

Franks' fate after the war is unknown.

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