Sergeant Kristman
Rank Sergeant
Enlisted In Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Fredd Wayne

Sergeant Kristman is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Anchors Aweigh, Men of Stalag 13. He was played by Fredd Wayne.

Sergeant Kristman appears in a couple of scenes in the episode. The first time he appears is when the prison guards are shown building the new officer's club for Kommandant Klink, under LeBeau's direction, when, in reality, they are building a yacht which the heroes would later use to help Captain Michaels escape to England with the computer-controlled gunsight. He is first shown in the episode, being ordered to work on the starboard side. Confused by both the orders being given by LeBeau, and by the strange apperance of the being built club, Kristman looks at Langenscheidt and asks him if they were actually building an officer's club. Before Langenscheidt could answer him, LeBeau, who had heard the question, interupts the pair by telling Kristman to be quiet, else he would find himself hanging from the highest yardarm, before he orders the sergeant to go to starboard and get back to work, which Kristman quickly does.

The second scene in which he appears, which would be set near the end of the episode, would show Kristman leading a squad of the camp's guard, as they start to walk past the completed yacht, as it sits upon a trailer, placed behind a truck. He and his squad are stopped by Klink, who then orders them to take the yacht out of the camp, and then take it up to the North Sea and put it into the water, as Klink, thanks to a ruse by Colonel Hogan and Carter, is afraid that General Burkhalter, whom he had earlier invited to see the newly built club, would react negatively upon seeing it. After Klink leaves, Kristman is asked by Hogan to put a life boat, within which is hidden Captain Michaels, onto the yacht. Kristman, without thinking over why an unoccupied boat would need a life boat, orders his men to place the life boat onto the yacht, which they do. After that is done, and the trailer is then attached to the truck, Hogan pretends to get into the vehicle, in order to drive it away, but is stopped by Klink, who, thinking that Hogan is planning to use this as a chance to escape, orders Kristman to get into the truck and drive the yacht away. Kristman does as ordered, and is soon seen sitting in the vehicle's passenger side, while another guard is shown driving the yacht towards the gate, surrounded by the squad of guards, as Hogan and his men follow behind them, until they near the open gate, with the later group knowing that Michaels would soon be sailing back to England with the gunsight.

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