Schatze Toy Company is a fictitious German toy company that is mentioned in the Hogan's Heroes episode War Takes a Holiday.

Before the war, it was the largest toy manufacturer in Germany, but now is having its equipment being used to create materiel for the German war effort. The company is mentioned in the War Takes a Holiday episode where Colonel Hogan and his men convince the officers of Stalag 13 at the time — as well as Major Hochstetter, who has in his custody several key members of the underground — that the war is over. The ploy works as Major Hochstetter allows the underground leaders to leave the camp in his staff car, which later proves to be an embarrassment for him when he learns later in the episode that the war was never over in the first place.

During this period, Klink and Schultz are inside Klink's office with Major Hochstetter, both talking about what they would do now that the war is over. Schultz mentions that he would go back to his old job at the Schatze Toy Company. The Kommandant is surprised to learn that Schultz once worked for the largest toy manufacturer in all of Germany. Klink then asks Schultz, "Do you think your boss would give you your old job back?" In a confident tone, Schultz replies, "Why not? I'm the boss." A flabbergasted Klink then quickly offers Schultz a cigar from his cigar box, which Schultz gladly accepts (and in the process offer the viewers the possibility that Klink would at some point ask Schultz for a job at the company after the war), before he snaps the box's lid shut on Hochstetter's fingers when he tries to take one for himself.

This particular scene adds some depth to Schultz's character, as it shows the viewers what he has done before the war and what he hopes to be doing again after it has ended.

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