S.S. Captain Steiner is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode The Dropouts. He was played by Gordon Pinsent.

Steiner was a defecting Waffen-S.S. officer who hoped to escort two scientists out of Germany. Hunted by Major Hochstetter and his Gestapo men, the three "dropouts" took refuge in Stalag 13, where Colonel Hogan and his Heroes helped them escape one by one -- in the trunk of Hochstetter's car. Steiner was the last to leave.

Steiner's background and motivations are unknown, although historical knowledge together with Pinsent's acting provide clues. Steiner's cool expression when silent hints that he is a man of firm but haunted mind. Most likely he joined the S.S. with the goal of becoming an engineer. In that capacity, he would have been involved in the construction and maintenance of rocket facilities at Peenemünde Army Research Center with opportunity to meet the scientists.


"I see nothing! Nothing!"

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