Rutherford B. Hayes Polytechnic High School is the ficitious high school that is attended by Andrew Carter. The school is mentioned in at least one episode of the 1960s American sitcom, Hogan's Heroes. The episode where the school was mentioned is episode no. 97, To the Gestapo with Love. Although there is no actual high school by that name in North Dakota, there is a Rutherford B. Hayes High School which is located in Delaware, Ohio.

Rutherford B. Hayes Polytechnic High School is a polytechnic school located somewhere in the state of North Dakota that is named after Rutherford B. Hayes, a former general of Union volunteers during the American Civil War, a former governor of the state of Ohio, and the 19th President of the United States (1877-1881). In one episode, Carter mentions that he went to the school there, and that during a class, he has accidently blown up the school's chemistry lab, destroying in the process the lab, the school's cafeteria, and the balcony level of the school's auditorium. Other than that, Carter doesn't mention what else he did at the school or whether the areas that he has accidently destroyed are replaced either before or after his graduation from the school.


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