Hogan's Heroes - Title Screen
Series: Hogan's Heroes
Episode: Rockets or Romance
Original Airdate: April 04, 1971
Production Number: 5784-156
Written by: Arthur Julian
Directed by: Marc Daniels
Produced by: Edward H. Feldman, William A. Calihan & Jerry London

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Hogan becomes the partner of a beautiful underground agent when he and his men team up with the underground to destroy a guided missile battery.

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  • As Hogan is waiting for Frankel to arrive, he hears sounds coming towards the door. He positions himself to one side of the door so he can surprise whoever comes inside. The only problem with Hogan's plan is that he is now standing directly in front of a window -- frosted like most indoor set windows on the show, but a moving shadow would have been visible. If there had been any German soldiers outside, they could have easily shot him.
  • When Hogan meets Frankel at the lookout, he is surprised to find she is a woman. He shouldn't be, though, as they'd worked together before in Six Lessons from Madame LaGrange.
  • The mobile rocket launcher used in this episode, which we have seen often in previous episodes, looks nothing at all like a German Meillerwagen or Vidalwagen -- assuming these are supposed to be V-2 rockets or the like.
  • Burkhalter says that the rockets will be launched at England to coincide with a Luftwaffe blitz. After Operation Bodenplatte in January 1945 the Luftwaffe was too weak to blitz any place. The last significant bomber-type attacks on England happened during the early 1944 Operation Steinbock which is what Burkhalter might have been referring to -- except that V-2 strikes did not begin until September.

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