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A Picture of Richard Alden

Richard Alden is a Canadian character actor who appeared in several films and television shows from the early 1960s to the 1980s, including guest appearances in four episodes of the 1960s sitcom, Hogan's Heroes.

Filmography Edit

Most Notable TV Guest Appearances Edit

  • Friday the 13th: The Series playing "Security Guard" in the episode: "Cupid's Quiver" (episode # 1.3) 12 October 1987
  • Voyagers! playing "Archer" in episode: "All Fall Down" (episode # 1.18) 27 March 1983
  • The Starlost playing "Mike" in episode: "Space Precinct" (episode # 1.16) 5 January 1974
  • Hogan's Heroes playing "Assistant" in episode: "The Kamikazes Are Coming" (episode # 6.20) 21 February 1971
  • Hogan's Heroes playing "Bartender" in episode: "Kommandant Schultz" (episode # 6.7) 1 November 1970
  • Hogan's Heroes playing "Bartender" in episode: "The Gestapo Takeover" (episode # 6.6) 25 October 1970
  • Hogan's Heroes playing "Bartender" in episode: "The Gasoline War" (episode # 5.4) 17 October 1969
  • The Virginian playing "Ben Jamison" in episode: "The Masquerade" (episode # 6.6) 18 October 1967
  • Custer playing "Private Morgan" in episode: "Massacre" (episode # 1.5) 4 October 1967

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