The recreation hall is another barracks building. There are two rec halls at Stalag 13, one for the German guards and one for the prisoners.

The one for the prisoners contains mainly sporting equipment that the prisoners would use to help keep up their morale. Most of the equipment would be related to baseball, but because of the camp's make-up of being prisoners from several Western Allied nations, it should also contain equipment for playing rugby, cricket and soccer. The recreation hall would also be used for non-sporting reasons such as playing games like chess and checkers, listening to records, or putting on plays.

In one episode of the series, Hold That Tiger, the prisoners' rec hall is closed by Klink's order, as punishment for one of the prisoners escaping, an order that is manipulated by Colonel Hogan so that his men could hide inside it a Tiger tank which they would then secretly dismantle, take pictures of the tank's parts and equipment, and then put back together. Later in the episode, the reconstructed Tiger would burst out of the rec hall, then exits the camp through the front gate. In a second episode, German Bridge is Falling Down, the prisoners' rec hall is closed for two weeks as punishment for all of the prisoners of Barracks 2 having stepped forward, twice, in response to Klink's demands that the guilty party who has just negatively responded to his comments about the local bridge not being destroyed by American bombers the previous day.

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