Private Walters B3G

Private Walters is one of the more visible members of the Barracks 3 gang - the group of POWs that support Hogan and his men in their clandestine activities. While he has no speaking parts, he can be seen in many episodes - usually hovering just behind one of the main characters. He sleeps on the top of the bunk next to Hogan's office, "around the door" so to say from the bunk usually occupied by Addison and Broughton.

Walters is called by during the events of Top Secret Top Coat, though in Request Permission to Escape, he is referred to as "Abrams", while in How to Catch a Papa Bear, he is referred to as "Hammond".

He is played by actor Roy Goldman, who can also be seen as a corpsman in many episodes of M*A*S*H.

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