B3Gang Private Broughton

Private Broughton

Private Broughton is one of the two most recognizable members of the Barracks 3 gang at Stalag 13 - those who support Hogan and his men in their various missions. He is a close friend of Private Addison and the two were bunk mates at one point. He is also a close friend of Kinch, and stood in his corner when Kinch boxed against Battling Bruno, a Luftwaffe champion (The Softer They Fall). Like Addison, he appears in almost every episode of the series; however, he is the more vocal of the two. He even gets his own dialogue in several episodes (such as Hot Money) although it is almost always background conversation and tends to be drowned out.

We do not learn Broughton's name until over halfway through the series, when he answers to it during a routine roll call (The Big Dish). His first name might be Garth (mail call, Drums Along the Dusseldorf). He can usually be found standing beside his friend Private Addison during such musters.

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