Rank Spy
Enlisted In Allied Forces, Underground
Serial Number Unknown, likely none
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Norbert Schiller

Max is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant. He was played by Norbert Schiller.

Max, who works as a bartender at a hofbrau in Hammelburg, is also a member of the underground. As Colonel Hogan once tells Capt. Jeb Winslow, he is the Heroes' contact in town when the prisoners need to replace several burnout parts of Kinchloe's radio. One day, Max is tending the bar when Cpl. Newkirk and Sergeant Schultz enter the hofbrau, supposedly on the way to see the dentist to take care of Newkirk's "toothache" (bogus, of course, as it was the excuse the Heroes manufacture to get him into town). After hearing Newkirk tell Schultz that he would get them some drinks, Max hears the British officer order a beer for Schultz and whisky for himself. He then watches Newkirk come over to the bar to retrieve the order. At the bar, Max is secretly given a sheet of paper by Newkirk which contains a list of the radio parts that the heroes need to repair their presently broken radio, along with some money that is to be used to buy the parts. Max takes both the list and the money, while giving the finished drink order to Newkirk. At the same time, he hears Newkirk mention that they needed the parts fast. After giving Newkirk the beer and whisky, as well as a whisky bottle, he prepares to leave the bar to get the parts. He soon leaves the bar, watched by Newkirk after he had spiked Schultz's beer with a shot of whisky. Max is later seen returning to the bar by Newkirk with the needed parts. Newkirk quickly walks over to him, after excusing himself to a drunken Schultz, and he quickly gives Newkirk the parts. He then watches Newkirk place the parts under his uniform. He then helps Newkirk lead a drunken Schultz out of the bar and (presumably) lends the British POW a wheelbarrow to transport the sergeant back to the camp.

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