Major Wolfram Klopfer
Rank Major
Enlisted In German Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Edward Knight

Major Wolfram Klopfer is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sight. He was played by Edward Knight.

He is first mentioned in the episode when General Burkhalter informs Colonel Klink that he has summoned an engineering expert to be sent to Stalag 13 who would be around after Colonel Hogan is convinced to give them the plans of the Norden bombsight. He is next mentioned when Burkhalter, after Klink has returned to the table, tells him to contact Klopfer, as Hogan appears to be ready to talk.

He is then physically seen inside Klink's office, with a camera, as he hears and watch, along with Klink and Burkhalter, Hogan's description of the Norden. As he takes some pictures, he watches Hogan draw on a blackboard parts of the machine before first Burkhalter and then he ask the prisoner some questions about the Norden's operation. But, upon seeing him draw a bag onto the device, he lowers the camera and announces that what Hogan has just drawn is actually a vacuum cleaner, to the anger of Burkhalter and to the shock of Klink. He then hears Hogan explain that it is indeed a vacuum cleaner which he has been talking about all along, since he has used a Norden vacuum cleaner while in the barracks in the states, much to General Burkhalter's disgust and Klink's embarrassment. He then leaves the office with Burkhalter.

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