Major Freder Kiegel
Rank Kriminalrat
Enlisted In RSHA, Gestapo
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Gavin MacLeod

Kriminalrat Freder Kiegel is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Clearance Sale at the Black Market. He was played by Gavin MacLeod.

Major Kiegel is a member of the Gestapo. Despite this, Kiegel also secretly works in the black market with his partner, Hermann.

One night at their headquarters in a Hammelburg restaurant that Kiegel and Hermann use for their operations, Sergeant Schultz unexpectedly walks in to Hermann's office to ask if a waitress he is seeing can have the night off. Schultz sees Kiegel and Hermann in the middle of a pay-off. Despite Schultz not knowing what is going on, Kiegel conspires to have him transfered to the Russian Front. He goes to Stalag 13 the next day and orders his transfer, threatening to have Colonel Klink transfered as well if he didn't cooperate.

Unfortunately for him, this earns him the wrath of Colonel Hogan and his men, who need Schultz for their own operations. Hogan and his men leave the camp in civilian clothes, and Hogan corners Kiegel at the restaurant. Approaching him disguised as a salesman, he tells Kiegel that he knows about his black market operations, and tells him to not transfer Schultz if he doesn't want his superiors to find out. Kiegel, in response, tells Hermann to move all of their materials out and order two of his men to murder Hogan. However, the men they send to murder Hogan get captured by Hogan's men. Also, while Kiegel and Hermann are moving their materials, they are able to photograph Kiegel's actions and sends the information to his superiors.

Kiegel is soon arrested, and his order to transfer Schultz is revoked.

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