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Hogan's Heroes is a television sitcom that ran on the CBS television network from 1965 to 1971. Starring Bob Crane as Colonel Hogan, the show was set at Stalag 13, a German prisoner-of-war camp for Western Allied prisoners during World War II. In the plot, Stalag 13 was a "Luft Stalag", located near the village of Hammelburg, run by the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) for Allied Air Force personnel.

But underneath that camp, the POWs had plans of their own....

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Hogan's Heroes News

Hogan's Heroes: 45 years ago today (January 23, 1970), The Softer They Fall, the eighteenth episode of the fifth season of Hogan's Heroes, first appears on CBS.

World War II: 70 years ago today (January 23, 1945), the German Kriegsmarine starts Operation Hannibal, the seaborne evacuation of German civilians in the path of the advancing Red Army.

World War II: 72 years ago today (January 23, 1943), troops of the British Eighth Army enter Tripoli.

World War II: 71 years ago yesterday (January 22, 1944), Operation Shingle, the Allies amphibious landing at Anzio, begins.

World War II: 74 years ago yesterday (January 22, 1941), British and Australian troops captures Tobruk during Operation Compass.

Hogan's Heroes: 47 years ago Wednesday (January 21, 1968), Sticky Wicket Newkirk, the twentieth episode of the third season of Hogan's Heroes, first appears on CBS.

Hogan's Heroes: 49 years ago Wednesday (January 21, 1966), Hello, Zollie, the nineteenth Hogan's Heroes episode, first appears on CBS.

World War II: 72 years ago Wednesday (January 21, 1944), the Luftwaffe begins Operation Steinbock, its last air campaign against British targets, especially London.

World War II: 73 years ago Wednesday (January 21, 1942), Erwin Rommel launches his new offensive in Cyrenaica against the British Eighth Army.

Hogan's Heroes: 48 years ago Tuesday (January 20, 1967), Praise the Führer and Pass the Ammunition, the nineteenth episode of the second season of Hogan's Heroes, first appears on CBS.

World War II: 70 years ago Tuesday (January 20, 1945), President Franklin D. Roosevelt is sworn in for an unprecedented fourth term as U.S. President; the Battle for the Colmar Pocket begins.

World War II: 72 years ago Tuesday (January 20, 1944), RAF bombers attack Berlin.

World War II: 73 years ago Tuesday (January 20, 1942), the Wannsee Conference on the final solution to the Jewish Question takes place.

World War II: 74 years ago Tuesday (January 20, 1941), President Franklin D. Roosevelt is sworn in for a third term as U.S. President.

World War II: 73 years ago Monday (January 19, 1942), the USAAF VII Bomber Command is established in Savannah, Georgia.

Hogan's Heroes: 46 years ago Sunday (January 18, 1969), Operation Hannibal, the seventeenth episode of the fourth season of Hogan's Heroes, first appears on CBS.

World War II: 70 years ago Sunday (January 18, 1944), Soviet troops liberate Kraków, Poland.

World War II: 72 years ago Sunday (January 18, 1943), the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto begins.

World War II: 74 years ago Sunday (January 18, 1941), British and Empire troops launch a general counter-offensive against Italian East Africa.

Hogan's Heroes: 44 years ago Saturday (January 17, 1971), The Meister Spy, the sixteenth episode of the sixth and final season of Hogan's Heroes, first appears on CBS.

World War II: 70 years ago Saturday (January 17, 1945), Soviet troops capture the ruins of Warsaw.

World War II: 71 years ago Saturday (January 17, 1944), the First Battle of Monte Cassino begins as troops of the U.S. Fifth Army attempt to break through the German Winter Line.

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Hold That Tiger

Hold That Tiger
Series: Hogan's Heroes
Episode Title: Hold That Tiger
Season: One
Episode: Two
Original Air Date: September 24, 1965

Hold That Tiger is the second episode of the Hogan's Heroes TV show's first season. It was originally aired on September 24, 1965.

Plot Details Edit

Colonel Klink boasts to Hogan and his men during an evening roll call that Germany is developing some new and powerful weapons, including the new Tiger tank, which he claims would help to shorten the war, thus leading to a German victory. After roll call is over, Hogan quickly asks Klink if the tanks of the aforementioned Panzer Division are west of the camp; Klink tells him no, before Hogan goes into his barracks. Klink's boast leads Hogan and his men to start coming up with an elaborate scheme so that they can get their hands on one of the new Tiger tanks, from which they would make blueprints that they would then send over to London. Eventually, Hogan comes up with a plan.

The prisoners are soon working on an inside wall of Barracks 2, when Schultz appears. After he asks what is going on, Hogan tells Schultz that they are going to put in a picture window that would give the prisoners a sweeping view of the delousing station. A Waffen-SS officer, actually Newkirk in disguise, than appears, addressing Schultz. A panicking Schultz then calms down after seeing that it is Newkirk, but as he sees him leave with LeBeau to have the uniform worked on a bit more, Schultz becomes curious and asks Hogan why Newkirk is wearing the uniform. After being told the reason why by Hogan, a now very panicky Schultz leaves. Later Hogan enters Klink's office to protest to Klink about his men being interrogated by a Gestapo officer. Corporal Langenscheidt soon appears, after knocking on Klink's door several times, to inform Klink that a Gestapo officer wants to leave the camp, but he can't since there doesn't seem to be any record of him actually coming in. Klink tells the Senior Lance Corporal to let the Gestapo officer go, having no clue that it is actually Newkirk in disguise. Read more...

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