Lt. James Crandall/Schmidt
Rank Spy
Enlisted In German Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Sam Melville

Lt. James Crandall/Schmidt is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Information Please. He was played by Sam Melville.

General Burkhalter, after becoming suspicious of Stalag 13, plants Schmidt into the camp under the name of James Crandall. His mission is to find out how military information is being leaked from the camp to the Allies.

Hogan and his men find out that he is a spy after they have discovered that he could understand German. They decide to use him in a double-cross scheme by tricking him into believing that Burkhalter's aide, Major Kohler, is the spy, by planting false evidence on him. After Kohler is arrested, Hogan has Schmidt arrested and taken to England as a prisoner by a RAF pilot.


"I see nothing! Nothing!"

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