Claude Boucher
Rank First Lieutenant
Enlisted In Allied Forces, French Resistance
Serial Number 42105513
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Felice Orlandi

First Lieutenant Claude Boucher (klôd’ bū-shā’) is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Reverend Kommandant Klink, played by Felice Orlandi. He is a pilot, actor, and a member of the French Resistance.


Note: This section contains spoilers for the episode Reverend Kommandant Klink.

Before the war, Boucher was involved in theater. He was engaged to fellow actor Suzanne Martine, but military duties separated him from her.

Some time later, Boucher was captured by the Gestapo and held at Stalag 13 for questioning. During interrogation by Major Wolfgang Hochstetter (with input from Colonel Klink), Boucher stubbornly refused to give any more information than was required by the Geneva Convention—his name, rank, and serial number. However, in an effort to get him to "crack", Hochstetter brought up Suzanne, hinting that she has been cheating on him with German officers in Paris in Boucher's absence. After some prompting, Klink supported the major's claim.

Before Boucher can respond, Colonel Hogan—having heard the conversation through a hidden microphone—enters the office. He presented to Klink an idea for putting on a play in the camp, which is met with resistance. He then appeared to notice Boucher's presence for the first time, claiming to recognize him as an actor, and suggested that he have a role in the play.

Ever suspicious of Hogan, Hochstetter ordered Klink to approve the play, and to allow Boucher to participate. However, Hogan's request to take him to the barracks immediately to prepare for the play was denied. Thus, Hogan asked to have Boucher drink a glass of water as a "test of acting ability". He slipped some tablets into the glass before handing it to Boucher, who proceeded to drink it. Praising the talent supposedly evident in this action, Hogan left the office. Once the interrogation resumed, Boucher fell asleep from the drug.

Later, a still-bewildered Boucher was brought to the barracks for the play, and Hogan went over the part with him. Bouchet would play the groom, and would be married to the bride (Helga) by the reverend (Klink). His character supposedly believed that he is marrying somebody other than his true love, until he lifts the veil to kiss the bride and discovers his true love.

The play began, and Klink started the ceremony. Speaking to the bride, he began, "Do you, Miss...", and the bride responded, "Suzanne". Bouchet was startled by this. At the end of the ceremony, he lifts the veil, and discovered he was in fact just married to his fiancee—whom LeBeau had smuggled in from Paris.

Assured of Suzanne's faithfulness, Bouchet was able to maintain his resistance to the interrogation, which resumed the next day. The episode ends with him telling Hochstetter yet again that his name is Claude Bouchet, his rank is First Lieutenant, and his serial number is 42105513.

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