Lt. Bigelow
Rank Lieutenant
Enlisted In Allied Forces, USAAF
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Stewart Moss

Lt. Bigelow is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon. He was played by Stewart Moss.

Lieutenant Bigelow was an American Air Force bomber pilot who was captured by the Germans while on a mission, then escaped and took shelter with Colonel Hogan and his men at Stalag 13. Their plans were to smuggle Bigelow out of Stalag 13 to rendezvous with the Underground, who would get him to a Allied sub that would take him to England along with information for the Allies concerning an important tank column near the camp. Unfortunately, the plans were curtailed when Bigelow got trapped in an underground tunnel that collapsed before he could get out the other end. Fortunately for him, Hogan learned from an underground contact that Bigelow was never seen emerging from the tunnel and realized what happened, so he and his men were able to dig Bigelow out. Bigelow was unhurt, and managed to return the favor by helping Hogan and his men clean up the evidence before their barracks were inspected by troublesome new Sergeant Reinhold Franks. As it would be some time before the tunnels could be safe enough to use again, Hogan helped Bigelow to escape another way, namely by disguising him as a Gestapo officer come to arrest Franks (whom Hogan had framed of criminal incompetence and treason), and "borrow" a truck and leave without even being checked!

It is to be assumed that he got to England safely, with Franks as his prisoner.

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