Lotte Linkmeyer
Rank Civilian
Enlisted In NA, NA
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Inger Stratton

Lotte Linkmeyer is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Cupid Comes to Stalag 13. She was played by Inger Stratton.

Lotte Linkmeyer is a niece of General der infantrie Albert Burkhalter, being a daughter of his sister Gertrude and her husband Otto Linkmeyer. Aside from her maternal grandmother, another niece, Frieda, at least two aunts-in-law (Berta Burkhalter and her sister) along with an uncle-in-law (Captain Kurtz), little else is known of her family background, other than that her father has been missing in action (MIA) since voluntarily going to fight at the Russian Front during Operation Barbarossa in 1941. A couple of years afterwards, Lotte and her mother, now presumed a widow and living with her own mother, are brought by her Uncle Albert to Stalag 13 to meet with its Kommandant Wilhelm Klink, whom the general plans to pair off with Gertrude. Lotte is strongly opposed to Klink as a potential stepfather, rudely stating that "he looks like a dead fish". However, Klink and Hogan get the wrong impression that it is Lotte, a blonde and beautiful young woman, whom Burkhalter intends to match the Kommandant with, which Hogan sees as a convenient diversion for the Kommandant in order to sneak a "guest" out of the camp undetected. After Hogan, while acting as a go-between for Klink, deceives Lotte into believing that Klink is a baron and a war hero, she withdraws all objections to him. It is then that she unwittingly sets Hogan straight on the fact that it is her ghastly mother whom Burkhalter intends to match Klink up with, not herself, and it is only due to some fast talking on the senior POW's part that the Kommandant is saved from what is arguably a more hellish fate than being sent to fight at the Russian Front.

Lotte is never heard from at Stalag 13 again after this.

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