Luft-Stalag I (Stalag 1)

Luft-Stalag II (Stalag 2), Kommandant: ?, Location: ?, Ep. The Crittendon Plan

Luft-Stalag III (Stalag 3)

Luft-Stalag IV (Stalag 4), Kommandant: Major Bernsdorf, Location: near Gluckenheim, Ep. The Great Impersonation, How to Catch a Papa Bear

Luft-Stalag V (Stalag 5), Kommandant: Major Strauss (General Albert Burkhalter), Location: ?, Ep. Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon, Standing Room Only

Luft-Stalag VI (Stalag 6), Kommandant: Colonel Mullenberg, Location: ?, Ep. Sticky Wicket Newkirk

Luft-Stalag VII (Stalag 7)

Luft-Stalag VIII (Stalag 8), Kommandant: Major Miley, Location: ?, Ep. Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon

Luft-Stalag IX (Stalag 9), Kommandant: Colonel Berchter, Location: ?, Ep. Reservations Are Required, The Antique

Luft-Stalag X (Stalag 10), Kommandant: Colonel Burmeister, Location: ?, Ep. The Schultz Brigade

Luft-Stalag XI (Stalag 11)

Luft-Stalag XII (Stalag 12), Kommandant: Colonel von Runkel, Location: ?, Ep. The Antique

Luft-Stalag XIII (Stalag 13), Kommandant: Colonel Klink, Location: near Hammelburg, Main Setting for Series

Luft-Stalag XIV (Stalag 14)

Luft-Stalag XV (Stalag 15), Kommandant: Colonel Feldkamp, Location:?,Ep. Is There a Doctor in the House? , Hogan, Go Home

Luft-Stalag XVI (Stalag 16), Kommandant: Colonel Lingenfelder (?), Location: ?, Ep. Hogan Gives a Birthday Party, The Assassin, The Crittendon Plan, Lady Chitterly's Lover, Part 1

Luft-Stalag XVII (Stalag 17)

Luft-Stalag XVIII (Stalag 18), Kommandant: Kommandant Schweinbrunner Location: ?, Ep. The Flight of the Valkyrie

Luft-Stalag XIX (IXX) (Stalag 19), Kommandant: Colonel Bussie, Location: ?, Ep. The Schultz Brigade, Klink vs. The Gonculator

Luft-Stalag XX (Stalag 20)

Luft-Stalag XXI (Stalag 21)

Luft-Stalag XXII (Stalag 22)

Luft-Stalag XXIII (Stalag 23), Kommandant: Colonel Hesselrow, Location: ?, Ep. The Antique

Luft-Stalag XXIV (Stalag 24)

Luft-Stalag XXV (Stalag 25)

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