Lieutenant Harris
Rank Lieutenant
Enlisted In Allied Forces, USAAF
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Frank G. Tallman

Lieutenant Harris is a fictional character who appeared in the episode, The Flight of the Valkyrie. He was played by Frank G. Tallman.

Lt. Harris is an American fighter pilot who is first mentioned in the episode when Kommandant Klink tells Colonel Hogan, as he is telling him about all of the strange happenings occurring around Stalag 13 mentions him as having been shot down near the camp. But, when his guards went out to capture him, they could not find him, and when they searched for his plane the following day, they couldn't find it either, as if it didn't exist. Hogan knows where Harris and the plane are, within their tunnel system under the camp.

Harris then appears physically as Hogan is showing Baroness Lili around the prisoners' factory inside the tunnels. Hogan introduces Harris to Lili, before he tells her that as soon as they are finished putting the plane back together, Harris would use it to fly her out of Germany.

The American officer next appears inside the tent that Colonel Crittendon, the new senior officer of the prisoners thanks to Klink, is able to get from Klink so that the prisoner's Orchestra can have a place to practice their music. The real reason for the tent is to hide the plane while the prisoners finish fixing it, while they tell Crittendon that the music being played by the Orchestra is to act as a cover his new escape attempt, which, in turn, was actually to act as a cover for his flight out of the camp. He is shown wearing his flight suit as the prisoners finish putting his plane together for his flight out of the camp with Lili. Harris is next seen inside his plane as he prepares to fly it and Lili out of the camp, after the part of the barb wire fence that Crittendon is cutting falls down, allowing him to use it as a sort of airstrip. Harris' plane then leaves the tent, and soon gains altitude before he heads it towards England with the former Baroness inside.

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