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Series: Hogan's Heroes
Episode: Klink vs. The Gonculator
Original Airdate: October 5, 1968
Production Number: 5784-94
Written by: Phil Sharp
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Produced by: Edward H. Feldman & William A. Calihan

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Synopsis Edit

Hogan leads Klink to believe a rabbit trap is actually a secret electronic device known as a gonculator (or gonkulator) in order for Klink to bring in an electronics expert who wishes to defect to the Allies.

Story Notes Edit

  • This is both the ninety-fourth produced episode of the series and the ninety-fourth episode to be shown on television and the second episode shown for the Fourth Season.
  • Klink uncharacteristically wears a ring on the third finger of his left hand.

Timeline Notes and Speculations Edit

  • This episode appears to take place during the summer of 1944, given the V-2 rocket references.

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Bloopers Edit

  • In this episode, Colonel Hogan mentions working in the Pentagon. This is a snafu by the writers because the Pentagon would not have been built or in use at the time Colonel Hogan would have been there before the war. It was completed on January 15, 1943 and by all accounts, Hogan was attached to the RAF before the United States was involved in the war.

Gonculator Day Edit

October 5, the anniversary of the show's original air date, was declared a holiday by the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild. The holiday, which appears in many Discordian calendars, is described in Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht:

October 5 (59 Bureaucracy): Gonkulator Day (original spelling, Gonculator Day). A time to recognize impressive and sophisticated-seeming devices that are completely useless. See how many you can find in your home or office. See how many you can sell for a large profit to those who don’t know what day this is. Those who work for major computer corporations should find this an easy holiday to celebrate. (This holiday was inspired by an episode of Hogan’s Heroes that first aired on this date. The prisoners of war convinced members of the enemy’s Military Bureaucracy that a prisoner-made rabbit trap was actually some highly important device known as a “gonculator.” The scheme worked because no one in the military establishment was willing to admit they didn’t have the foggiest idea what the prisoners were talking about.)

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