Karl Wagner
Rank Espionage
Enlisted In Allied Forces, Underground
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Chris Robinson

Karl Wagner is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, The Missing Klink. He was played by Chris Robinson.

Karl Wagner is a leader of the German underground, along with his older brother Hans, to whom he is very loyal. When Hans is captured by the Gestapo and is sentenced to death, Karl demands that Hogan and his men help him and his unit raid the prison encampment where his brother is being confined. Being more practical-minded than Karl, Hogan convinces him to let him plan a safer way to save Hans, and eventually arranges to have General Burkalter kidnapped to be used as a bargaining chip. The scheme backfires when Wagner and his unit kidnap Klink instead. When Wagner realizes the mistake, he is prepared to shoot Klink at the same time as his brother, if only as a small measure of revenge against the Nazis. Hogan however manages to get Klink exchanged for Hans by tricking Burkhalter and Major Hockstedder into thinking that the inept Kommandant may actually be the infamous British spy Nimrod. (Of course, Hogan has Klink cleared as soon as the exchange is made.)

It is not known if Karl survived the Gestapo crackdown on the underground towards the end of the war.

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