Corporal Karl Langenscheidt
Rank Obergefreiter
Enlisted In Luftwaffe
Serial Number'
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Jon Cedar

Obergefreiter Karl Langenscheidt (commonly referred to as simply Corporal Langenscheidt) is a minor recurring fictional character who is one of the guards at Stalag 13 in the 1960s sitcom Hogan's Heroes. He is played by Jon Cedar.

Information Edit

Karl Langenscheidt was born on March 3, 1910 (speculation). Little is known about either Karl Langenscheidt's family background or of his past military history before being posted to Stalag 13. He is a corporal in the Luftwaffe, and apparently also a member of the paratroopers. Langenscheidt appears to be Sergeant Schultz's second-in-command at the camp, although most of his duties have him often reporting to Colonel Klink whenever an important figure arrives at the stalag. At times he assists Schultz in searching the prisoners' barracks or patrolling the outer perimeter of the camp, and on one occasion he takes over Schultz's duties while the sergeant is away.

It is possible that like Schultz, Langenscheidt routinely turns a blind eye to the prisoners' activities. He definitely turns a blind eye to their activities when he and Schultz are assigned to guard them while they are on a secret mission to Paris, during which they get Schultz to impersonate a general(!). Langenschiedt does appear to be on a friendly basis with the prisoners, at least in comparison to the other guards, and after the war, along with Schultz, he probably was released by the Allies on Hogan's recommendation.

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