Judson Morgan is an actor who appeared in several television shows and television movies of the 1970s, including an episode of the sitcom, Hogan's Heroes.

Filmography Edit

Notable TV Guest Appearances Edit

  • Barney Miller playing "Actor" in episode: "Landmark: Part 3" (episode # 8.22) 20 May 1982
  • Barney Miller playing "Actor" in episode: "Lady and the Bomb" (episode # 7.18) 9 April 1981
  • Barney Miller playing "Actor" in episode: "People's Court" (episode # 6.12) 3 January 1980
  • Barney Miller playing "Actor" in episode: "Community Relations" (episode # 3.13) 13 January 1977
  • Nakia playing "Actor" in episode: "The Dream" (episode # 1.9) 23 November 1974
  • Hawkins playing "Judge" in episode: "Die Die, Darling" (episode # 1.3) 23 October 1973
  • Hogan's Heroes playing "Brewster" in episode: "Easy Come, Easy Go" (episode # 6.15) 10 January 1971

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