Jack Williams
Rank NA
Enlisted In Allied Forces, USAAF
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Paul Picerni

Jack Williams is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, One in Every Crowd. He was played by Paul Picerni.

Jack Williams is fighting for the Allied Powers during World War II. He is captured at some point and is sent to Stalag 13. During his time there, he is used by Colonel Hogan and his men on some of their sabotage operations.

Unfortunately, Williams is also a person of very bad character. He is constantly threatening to break out of the prison camp despite Hogan's orders, but has backed out each time. He has also been thrown out of every barracks in camp, eventually winding up in Hogan's barracks. There, he is caught cheating in a card game, resulting in a brief brawl with Newkirk. According to Hogan, Williams also steals the prisoners' Red Cross packages and sells them to the Germans.

One night, Williams goes through with an escape attempt without permission, only to be captured by Sergeant Schultz. When he is given a harsh punishment, Williams (believing Hogan has tipped Klink off about his escape attempt) offers to tell the Nazis about Hogan's operations if his sentence is revoked, he is set free and allowed to live somewhere safe until the war is over, and is given enough money to live on. Klink has Williams placed in the cooler to prevent the other prisoners from killing him.

Hogan counters this with a scheme of his own: he lures Klink away from the camp and has a pair of underground agents impersonate German officials who interview Williams. Williams gives the agents all the information he has after being told that the Nazis have agreed to his terms. That night, Hogan has Newkirk and LeBeau break into Williams' cell in the cooler and capture him while Carter takes his jacket and places it along with some dynamite under a German artillery piece that is at the camp. This makes it appear that Williams has broken out of the cell and blown up the artillery piece but failed to get away in time.

Williams is restrained in the tunnel until it is safe to send him back to England, where he will be tried for treason. His fate is unknown, but it is likely he is convicted and executed.

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