Hugo Hindermann
Rank Agent
Enlisted In RSHA, Gestapo
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Woodrow Parfrey

Hugo Hindermann is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Casanova Klink. He was played by Woodrow Parfrey.

Herr Hugo Hindermann was a ruthless intelligence agent of the Gestapo during the war. Though little is known of his background prior to this, he clearly was very efficient and highly valued by his superiors. When he visited Stalag 13 with General der Infantrie Burkhalter one evening, he coldly informed Colonel Klink that he had the authority, if he deemed it necessary, to take over the entire camp, including personnel, a claim grimly confirmed by Burkhalter much to the Kommandant's dismay. Upon receiving Klink's assurance that he had thoroughly checked his office for bugging devices, Hindermann even more coldly informed the Kommandant of his visit to one General Von Roeder, an old classmate of Burkhalter's who made a similar claim, only to have Hindermann uncover fourteen such devices planted in his office ("He had more listeners than Winston Churchill"), resulting in the General's death during a sudden transfer to the Russian Front ("There's a lot of that going around now" Burkhalter observed). Hindermann also revealed that he had successfully planted himself among the Underground in order to set them up for a trap, and temporarily left in Klink's safe a set of papers with the names of all the important members. Having overheard all this, Hogan and his men removed all their bugging devices from Klink's office until after Hindermann's departure, and despite the fact that Hindermann had the lock for the safe changed, Hogan and his men managed to crack it open courtesy of the multi-talented Corporal Peter Newkirk, and get a copy of the list. They then succeeded in exposing Hindermann, posing among the Underground under the false name of Herr Frealoff, as a Gestapo plant again thanks to Newkirk, resulting with Hindermann's presumed demise, and the changing of the latest sabotage target from an oil refinery to an ammo supply dump as the spy had leaked the original one to his Gestapo superiors.

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