Hogan's office is Colonel Hogan's private room inside Barracks 2, which Hogan also uses as his main base of operation for his organization's anti-Nazi activities.

Inside the room is a bunk bed, a foot locker, a locker for his clothing, a desk, on top of which is placed the coffee pot listening device, chairs, shelves, and a map rack within which are hidden several maps. There is also a window.

Hogan and his men are frequently shown inside his office, either planning missions, coming up with new ideas when a previous mission has failed, or deciding how to get escaped prisoners or other refugees out of Germany. Sometimes the room is bugged by Klink either on his own initiative, or under the orders of superior officers, such as General Burkhalter, or local Gestapo officers (such as Major Hochstetter), to try and catch Hogan and his men trying to plan escapes from Stalag 13 or something more sinister, but these plans always backfire as the prisoners invariably detect and use the bugs to feed the Germans falso information, and to help further their own plans.

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