Hilda (2)
Rank Secretary
Enlisted In German Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe
Serial Number None
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Sigrid Valdis

Fräulein Hilda is a fictional character who is Klink's second secretary for seasons 2 through 6 of Hogan's Heroes. However, despite her German blood, she would aid Colonel Robert Hogan and his men in exchange for candy, stockings and kisses from Hogan. She was played by actress Sigrid Valdis.


Hilda became the secretary at Stalag 13 after the departure of Helga.

Hilda proves valuable to the underground as she would charm any German officer who would step into the camp.

She plays a small role in many of the team's missions and is generally respected among the men. The men did not try to woo her as they did other women.

Morals and Love LifeEdit

Like her predecessor, Helga, her motives for aiding Hogan and his men are never clearly stated in the series. It might have been because of Hogan's bribes, or she has some real affection towards Hogan, or possibly because she is actually sympathetic towards the Allies' cause.

Hilda did state during the series that she would rather receive an engagement ring from Hogan then all the other bribes he would give her, suggesting that she has some real affection for Colonel Hogan. Whether she has any real sympathy towards the Allies cause is unknown. She does note on one occasion that she is engaged in inappropriate activity. When Hogan asks her for information on the weight of a German truck passing over a bridge that the Heroes have mined, she says, "I shouldn't be telling you this."

Klink, himself, is one of the many would-be-lovers of Hilda, though she is untempted by him. Once, he asks her out on a date. However, his car is not available at the time and therefore, the date never takes place.


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