Herr Grosser
Enlisted In RSHA, Gestapo
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Edward Knight

Herr Grosser is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episodes, How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis. He was played by Edward Knight.

He is assigned to make sure that Dr. Karl Svenson, a Swedish scientist, would finish his special alloy for Germany.

Colonel Hogan, after finding out about the scientist, originally intends to kill him to prevent his alloy or its formula from falling into the Nazis' hands. When he finds out that Svenson wasn't on anyone's side, Hogan instead tries to win him over to the Allies. He introduces the doctor to an actress, and the two fall in love, prompting the doctor to stop developing the formula.

Grosser, when he finds out about this, tells Svenson that he is arresting the actress as an enemy to the Third Reich. When the doctor says that he refuses to work on the alloy altogether, Grosser places both of them under arrest and charges Colonel Klink with watching over them until he can have them transferred.

Hogan, in order to prevent the two from being arrested, assassinates Grosser by placing a bomb in his car that blows up as he is leaving Stalag 13.


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