Major Polykarp Hegel
Rank Kriminalrat
Enlisted In Gestapo
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Paul Lambert

Kriminalrat Polykarp Hegel is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Diamonds in the Rough. He was played by Paul Lambert.

A Major in the Gestapo, Hegel has planted a spy at Stalag 13 at some point. The spy successfully tricks Colonel Hogan and his men, and he soon learns about their underground operation. The spy then report his findings to Hegel.

Instead of having Hogan and his men immediately arrested and executed for espionage and sabotage, he has the spy instead transferred to the Eastern Front. He then sends in another agent, Myra, to lure Hogan and his men into a trap. The trap works, and Hegel gives them an ultimatum: either give him $1,000,000 in diamonds, or be shot for their underground activities.

Hogan and his men instead tricks Hegel by giving him a box of glass cut into the shape of diamonds. Also, when Hegel attempts to double-cross them, Hogan has in place a back-up plan: he has earlier convinced Colonel Klink to follow them and he kills Hegel for his disloyalty. Hogan and Klink later lie to the German authorities, saying that Hegel has died trying to capture an escaped Hogan and his men.


"I see nothing! Nothing!"

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