German Sergeant
Rank Feldwebel
Enlisted In German Wehrmacht, Heer
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Robert Champion

German Sergeant is a ficitional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, The Scientist. He was played by Robert Champion.

The German Sergeant is first seen in the episode standing behind the front desk at the Hauserhauf hotel, eating a banana, when the disguised Hogan (as as SS General von Himmelburger of the Führer's staff), and Newkirk, (as von Himmelburger's aide, Pootzie) enters the building. He then stand at attention, as do the other Germans in the room. He then hears the disguised Hogan comment to Newkirk that until he had entered the hotel, he had thought that they might still have had a chance to win the war. He then watched Hogan ring the front desk bell. Upon hearing the bell, he asked what the General wanted, whereupon he hears the disguised Hogan ask for Marie DuBois to be brought to him so that she would be questioned by him in Berlin. He attempted to inform the fake General that he could not do that, but instead starts to stammer, and is then interrupted by Hogan, who tells Newkirk to have him transferred to the Russian Front. He then watched the two officers in charge try to intercede, with one being threathen with being court-martialed and shot for not greeting Hogan fast enough (1st Officer) and the other (2nd Officer), after informing the General that he need to see written authorization first before he can give him the girl, with being threathen with being court-martialed, shot and then sent to the Russian Front, before watching Hogan go into a long tirade where he demands that the girl be brought down and given to him within the next five minutes or they would all find themselves being sent to the Russian Front. He then watches first Hogan and the Newkirk leave the lobby, soon wondering along with the others what to do next. He would not be seen again after the scene is over.

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