Lieutenant General Albert Burkhalter
Rank General der Infantrie
Enlisted In Wehrmacht, Heer
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Actor Leon Askin

General der Infanterie Albert Burkhalter (commonly referred to simply as General Burkhalter) is a recurring fictional character who is Colonel Klink's commanding officer. He appears in many episodes of the 1960s sitcom Hogan's Heroes. He was played by Leon Askin

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General der Infanterie Albert Burkhalter was born on February 15, 1888 (speculation) in Würzburg, Germany and is Colonel Klink's superior officer. His position as head of the Luft Stalag Organization makes him close to Hitler, even though he is an Army officer, not a Luftwaffe one. The reasons for his being an Army General is for two reasons: One: at the beginning of the series he is intended to be a colonel, the aide-de-camp for the Chief of Inspection in Berlin, making him liable to inspect any branch of the armed forces, regardless of his position, but later that was changed because Luftwaffe General uniforms were hard to find in the 1960s. He wears a Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (with at least Oak Leaves), as well as an Iron Cross, signifying that he is a valued officer.

Like Klink, he appears to be a career military officer only infinitely more competent. He was a colonel back in WWI, meaning he was not promoted for over twenty years. This might indicate that he was 'retired' from military service after WWI in accordance with the severe military personnel cutbacks set forth in the Treaty of Versailles, and recalled when Hitler began pre-War Germany's aggressive rearmament program. We do know that he is experienced in combat, for as a colonel in WWII, he took part in the first offensive against Russia (Operation Barbarossa, 1941) as a unit commander, from the day it began all the way to the end, or close to it. Burkhalter would later use his memories of the nightmarish Russian winter as a useful tool for keeping Klink and other subordinates in line. Burkhalter appears to have been wounded while fighting in Russia (which might explain the scar on his face) and spent some time in a rest camp. After his recovery, Burkhalter received his appointment to the Luft Stalag Organization. He received his promotion to general not long since his first visit to Stalag 13 after appointing Klink its kommandant.

Burkhalter has a wife, Berta Burkhalter, who is one of the few people he actually fears, referring to her once to Klink in private as "the highest authority in the Third Reich". Her private nickname for him is "Hansi", which he absolutely loathes, and will not tolerate being called so by anyone else, especially Klink. It is not known if the couple have children or, if they do, if any of them are old enough to be in the German military. He also has at least one parent still living, namely his mother, and a widowed sister, Gertrude, whom he is constantly trying to marry off. His noted disdain for Klink does not extend to ruling him out as a suitor for marrying Gertrude, but all of his senior officers have had the option at one time or another. He also has two nieces, Lottie (Gertrude's daughter) and Frieda, as well as an unnamed sister-in-law whose wedding he has attended, and a brother-in-law, Captain Joachim-Fritz Kurtz.

Burkhalter is cantankerous and formidable, and while not at all a fool as Klink, he is not as smart as Hogan either, and can often be manipulated in similar ways. Some of these weaknesses he shares with Klink include fear of being sent back to the Russian Front, as well as susceptibility to flattery, unless the flattering is completely ridiculous. Despite his claims to live a Spartan existence ("up at 6, bed at 10"), like Klink he loves to party and has eyes for pretty younger women, his wife notwithstanding. On one occasion, the Heroes are able to blackmail Burkhalter through some potentially compromising photographs, in order to save Klink from being sent to the Russian Front. On another occasion, Burkhalter comes close to transferring both Klink and Schultz to the Russian Front; however, in the process, the two (]with help from Hogan prove to be such masters of chaos that Burkhalter cancels the order - declaring that if he sends them to the Russian Front, he will be shot for treason!

Burkhalter also has little love for the Gestapo officer Major Hochstetter, and is one of the few people not afraid of him. But while he may clash with Hochstetter from time to time, the general respects and has confidence in the Gestapo major, in comparison to the cowardly, incompetent Klink, whose mere presence would give him headaches. For Klink, Burhalter reserves a special kind of scorn which often includes ridicule even in the presence of junior officers. Klink's apparent record of no successful escapes at Stalag 13 has always been a source of bafflement for Burkhalter, and is the primary reason he allows the Kommandant to remain in charge.

It is not known what happens to General Burkhalter after the war, although he and Klink are tricked by Hogan into bombing his neighborhood (including his house!) towards the end. It is possible that he is tried as a war criminal, given his involvement with the invasion of Russia.

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