Macleod, gavin

Gavin MacLeod as Captain Merrill Stubing on The Love Boat

Gavin MacLeod, (born February 28, 1930 (Mount Kisco, New York)) is an American actor who is most popularly known for his work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show as Murray Slaughter and on The Love Boat as Captain Merrill Stubing.

MacLeod appears as four different German officers during the run of the show. In Season 1, he plays Major Zolle in Hello, Zollie. He has also appeared as two different characters only three episodes apart. In Season 3, episode 27, The Collector General, he appeared as General Metzger, and then in Season 4, Episode 1, Clearance Sale at the Black Market, he appeared as Major Kiegel. Later in Season 4 he also plays General von Rauscher in The Witness, in his final Hogan's Heroes appearance.

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