Rank Civilian
Enlisted In NA, NA
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Inge Jaklin

Fräulein is a ficitional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, The Prisoner's Prisoner. She was played by Inge Jaklin.

The civilian Fräulein appears in only one scene in the episode, as the dinner guest of General Schmidt, at the ammo dump that the British Commandos have earlier attempted to destroy but have instead been captured, and that Colonel Hogan and Carter are now trying to destroy on their own. She is seen in a room, seated on a sofa with General Schmidt, trying to tell him that she wants to leave. Schmidt convinces her to stay, but then he asks her to stay in the room while he goes into the wine celler to get them some more wine. When she hears a noise coming from the wine cellar, she heads for the cellar herself. She soon enters the darken room, when she is suddenly grabbed and then kissed by whom she thinks is Schmidt, but is actually Hogan, as Carter has earlier knocked the General unconscious with a wine bottle. After the kiss, Hogan pushes her back into the room and then tells her to leave. The fräulein does as requested, thinking that it is Schmidt who is telling her to go, not realizing that the ammo dump/headquarters will soon be set to explode.

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