Rank Civilian
Enlisted In NA, NA
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Thordis Brandt

Elsa is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode, Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sight. She was played by Thordis Brandt.

Elsa first appears during the dinner being given in the Hauserhof hotel in Hammelburg by General Burkhalter and Kommandant Klink for Colonel Hogan, with the object of the dinner being to soften up Hogan to convince him to reveal the plans for the American Norden bombsight to them. Elsa sits between General Burkhalter and Hogan at the table, enjoying the party and Burkhalter's company. Elsa spends the dinner seated with Burkhlater, while listening to first Burkhalter and then Hogan talk, while watching Gretchen get smitten with Hogan and seeing Klink slowly get jealous over it, before she sees Gretchen suggest to Hogan to get up and dance with her after seeing her reject earlier a similar suggestion from Klink. She next watch Burkhalter remind Klink that they are at the hotel on business. She then hears Klink tell Burkhalter that the dance might keep Hogan sober, with Burkhlater agreeing, before she sees him leave the table and then cut in on Hogan so that he could dance with a disappointed Gretchen. Elsa then watches Hogan come back to the table before listening to the short conversation between Burkhalter and Hogan, with the later making it sound as if he would tell them what they wanted to know about the Norden bombsight. She then watches Hogan leave again, this time to save Gretchen from Klink. She then sees Klink return to the table, where he is told by Burkhalter to contact Major Klopfer and tell him to meet them in Klink's office at Stalag 13 as Hogan is ready to talk. As he is about to leave, Elsa makes a comment to Klink, and is told by him to shut up as the comment is that she thought that Gretchen appears to be smitten with Hogan.

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