Berta Burkhalter
Rank Housewife
Enlisted In None
Serial Number
Appearances Full List of Appearances
Actor Diana Chesney

Berta Burkhalter is a fictional character who appeared in the Hogan's Heroes episode That's No Lady, That's My Spy, although she was referred to in other episodes of the series, most notably The Tower and Everyone Has a Brother-in-Law. She was played in her one actual appearance by Diana Chesney.

Berta (Kurtz) Burkhalter is the wife of Albert Burkhalter, and one of the few people the cantankerous general der infantrie actually fears, referring to her once to Klink in private as the "highest authority in the Third Reich". That was on the occasion she swayed him into saving her brother Walther Kurtz, a Hauptmann (Captain) in the Wehrmacht, from being assigned to the Russian Front by securing him a much safer position at Stalag 13 as Klink's adjutant. Hogan has exploited Burkhalter's fear of his wife by having him blackmailed into saving Klink from being sent to the Russian Front with the use of compromising photos surreptitiously taken of the general with a beautiful woman. In addition to her brother, she also has a sister at whose wedding her husband is present. Her pet name for her husband is "Hansi", which he absolutely loathes, and will not tolerate being so addressed by anyone else, including her brother and especially Klink. It is unknown if she and the general have any children. She herself has visited Stalag 13 once with a coterie of other high-ranking officers' wives to enjoy a little tea party hosted by her husband and Klink. At the party, a disgusted Burkhalter doesn't even try to defend her from the comments of Klink and Hogan as they observe her wolfing down the snacks, happily unaware that LeBeau, serving as the chef, has included dog food in the ingredients! At the same party, she reveals her true personality when she righteously tells off her husband and Klink after they are tricked into embarrassing her supposed friend Frau Mannheim, the wife of a Field Marshall, then in the same breath drops a snide comment about the wronged woman to another lady as they depart.

It is not known whether she was there when Burkhalter accidentally bombed their house thanks to a trick of Hogan's.

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