Ben Wright (1915-1989) was an accomplished veteran of sound, stage, and screen on two continents. Series fans will remember him from his appearances in The Kommandant Dies at Dawn and The Big Gamble, in both of which he played Major Feldkamp (a part originated by Howard Caine). A graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, England, Wright temporarly left his calling to serve in the British Army's Royal Rifle Corps during World War II. He got his start in acting during the heyday of radio, where he quickly became known for his mastery of dialects and voices. In the televison era, his command of foreign dialects assured him a steady stream of acting jobs, usually playing British or German characters in the many World War II related shows of the 1960s and 1970s. He retired in the 1970s from all save the occasional voice acting stint. His final role was providing the voice of Grimsby in the Disney animated feature The Little Mermaid. Wright died of heart failure on July 2, 1989, after failing to recover from quadruple heart bypass surgery.

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